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Don't settle for brown or bare patches on your lawn. Call Gardenia Landscaping Service for sod installation services in Mocksville or Lexington, NC. Rely on us to prepare your soil and make sure everything is leveled out and graded. Then, we'll add the topsoil, even that out, then add the sod. We also offer mulching services if you're looking to beautify your property even further.

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You'll never go wrong with sod

Not sure about whether to use grass seed or sod for your new lawn? We recommend considering the benefits of our sod installation services. Even though sod can cost more at the start, it will save you time and effort in the long run.

With sod, you won't ever have to worry about...

Waiting weeks for your grass to grow
Watering your lawn frequently
Filling in sparse spots in the grass seed
Eroding soil in sloped or hilly areas
Weeding pesky, opportunistic plants

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