Prevent Erosion

Select us as your retaining wall installer in Mocksville or Lexington, NC

Gardenia Landscaping Service provides retaining wall services to homeowners in the Mocksville & Lexington, NC areas. Our company's experienced retaining wall installer can build a wall anywhere on your property. And we'll provide you with a catalog of available pavers so that you can choose the style you prefer.

Rest assured we'll level the surface and apply a gravel base. We'll then add pins in between the retaining wall to hold the pavers in place.

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You'll like how we operate

At Gardenia Landscaping Service, we pride ourselves on our superior attention to detail and high-quality retaining wall services in Mocksville & Lexington, NC. To ensure beautiful results every time, we follow a straightforward installation process.

When you hire our retaining wall installers, we'll:

Discuss your needs and assess your property
Provide a free estimate and collect materials
Prepare the area and clear away debris
Level the ground and add a gravel base
Install the paver retaining wall and check our work

Do you have any questions about our retaining wall services? Speak to our team today to learn more about our process and pricing.